Midwinter QSO-party

Midwintercontest 2010 final results (Dutch)



  1. E74EE                  34965        
  2. GM4YMM             10488        
  3. IT9ESZ                4554
  4. IK5MEQ               1014
  5. ON4CBI               315   
  6. PD1SHE                244
  7. DL2FCA               210
  8. DJ1BWH              155
  9. F5RPB                  145
  10. DF3BN                 92
  11. F5VDO                 80              
  12. PA2LS                  64
  13. DL3KWR              20
  14. 2M0IMP               5



  1. DL6KCR                1092
  2. DL2FCA               424
  3. DL3KWR              272  
  4. F5RPB                  138            
  5. DF5ZV                 108
  6. DL5YL                  66              


OM SSB     

  1. DL1DXF                125            
  2. RW3AI                80              
  3. SP5MDB               45              
  4. PD0LBH                20              


OM CW     

   1a. PA2REH                720   *

   1b. DK1AX                  312            

  1. PA2PCH                196            
  2. DL5YM                 30              
  3. EU1DZ                  5                
  4. UA3DCE               5                



  1. 2M0IMP               80             
  2. NL-9745              75              



* note: Due to a mistake I made the score of PA2REH was added later, thatís why there are two number ones in OM CW.


Dear contestants,


First of all, thankyou for participating in the Midwintercontest 2010! It is a pleasure as always to receive and check your contest logs. I hope you all enjoyed the contest, although I did hear complaints about collisions with other contests, specially on Saturday in CW. Since this problem on Saturday is increasing every year and also in the hope that more people will participate in the future I have decided on some big changes. First of all a change in name, the Midwintercontest will now be referred to as Midwinter QSO party, this is to emphasize the relaxed atmosphere in which this contest takes place. Second big change is that from now on the entire contest will be held on 1 day, that is the second Sunday in January. The contest time will be from 10.00 to 14.00 UTC. Third change is that you will be able to compete in one of 6 categories (now 5), I have added the All Mixed category, in which both YLís and OMís can compete in the same category! Also everyone can work everyone, YLís count for 5 points and OMís count for 3 points.  Big change number four is that every worked YL counts for a multiplier!! So no longer will the worked DXCC countries count but the total number of worked/heard YLís!!

To make the contest logging easier in the future, I will try to get the Midwinter QSO party into several contest logging programs, like N1MM.


Here are the changes again:

1        Midwintercontest is now Midwinter QSO party

2       QSO party is held on Sunday from 10 to 14 UTC

3       New Category: All Mixed

4       the total number of YLís count for Multipliers, not DXCC


Please help me spread the new contest information and help to get more YLís active on HF. I hope to hear you all in 2011,


73 33 88 de Chantal Koekkoek Ė PA5YL Ė your Midwinter QSO party manager

Email: pa5yl99@veron.nl(zonder99)