Results Midwinter QSO Party 2012






1.      GM4YMM             4880

2.     MM5YLO              2090

3.     M0ACL                 824

4.     2E1BVS                 810

5.     DO1NKH               27



1.      RD3QG                 918

2.     9A5SM                 623


OM SSB     

1.      OZ1HHH               500

2.     DL1DXF                280

3.     HB9EXU               45

4.     DC1AW                 5



1.      UX4FC                 290

2.     UR5IFM               230

3.     YL3DX                 50

4.     YL2HK                  11

5.     EU6AA                 3




1.      PA2PCH                710

2.     ON4CBI               650

3.     DL3KWR              380



1.      R3A-847              1220





Dear participants,


Here are the results of the Midwinter QSO Party 2012. These will also be the last results because we have decided to end the contest. Itís a real pity, since  1998 (we had over 60 logs back then!) I have seen the numbers drop to an all time low: only 7 YLís of a total of 19 participants this year. We did a lot of PR throughout the years (we emailed over 300 European YLís 2 years ago for instance), also we made some interesting changes in the rules, it did not help to turn the tables. Times have changed, people have changed.


I want to thank all participants, not only this year but throughout the years. It was always a great pleasure to see my mailbox fill up with paper logs. As time proceeded  the paper logs were swapped for electronic logs and that filled up my email box quite rapid after the contest. I always liked the personal notes you put in with your logs! It was fun to design new certificates throughout the years and from your comments I know you liked them very much. Running the club station PI4YLC, handing out extra points, all these things added something extra to the contest for me and I hope it did so for you as well!


Congratulations to all 2012 winners, all first placed in every category will receive their certificate by email or mail.


We will keep this website going for a while to inform people looking for information about the Midwinter QSO Party.


PI4YLC will be activated from time to time, in contesting mostly, so listen out and cu on the air!



73 88 de Chantal-PA5YL

Midwinter QSO Party manager

Veron Traffic Buro